I think Josh is going to take over grocery shopping.

I suck at trying to come up with balanced meals on my own. Thank goodness for emeals.com because it really takes the thinking out of dinner. Last month, Josh and I decided to change our plan from Aldi classic meals to the any store clean eating plan. We haven't started using the new meal plan because we had meals from the last plan. Then we stayed at my parent's home for ten days; I didn't see a reason to shop before we left. The past week we have been living out of our freezer. We also started doing the lunch menu also.

The clean eating menu and the lunch menu have a lot of fruit and vegetables in their recipes. We figured that we would start shopping at Sprouts. On Wednesday, Sprout has double ad day, basically their weekly ads overlap. They also have store coupons and of course the accept manufacturer coupons. My only complaint is they close at 10:00pm. That is when I normally head out for grocery shopping. We decided the whole family was going shopping. I don't know what I was thinking. It is a store that we have shopped at before but not very often. Josh and I didn't have a clue where anything is. Ethan and Preston wanted to help. I had the bright idea to divide and conquer. Josh and Ethan headed off to their section and Preston and I headed to ours. Preston was trying to help but all he could reach were the fruit and the vegetables at the bottom. I kept trying to explain that if he actually pulled one of those off, the whole pile of whatever would fall right on his head. I didn't realized but we ended up having fewer items on our side of the store. Which turned out to be a good thing. I don't think the shopping trip would have ever ended if we had the long list. At one point, I ended up with both kids. Ethan was walking and Preston was in the cart. Ethan kept trying to mess with Preston or he was trying to lay in the middle of the isle. Just because the trip ended up taking way longer and the kids are up way past their bedtime.

What really sucked was that we only got fruit, vegetables, and grains. We still needed to hit another store. Thank goodness Josh is awesome and went to the other store.

This week is going to be interesting. I'm going to be cooking with food I have never even hear of before today.