It has been a week.

Normally it takes us two weeks to finish a week's worth of recipes from Emeals. This time we actually finished in a week. I'm not really sure how we accomplished this but we did. We even ate all but one lunch. This week we are going to start making breakfast each morning too. UGH!! I think I'm going to officially just move into the kitchen.

The best part of all the cooking that I've been doing is I've actually lost five pounds!! Three more pounds and I'll be back to my Weight Watcher's goal weight. Ten more pounds and I'll be back to pre-Ethan weight. Fifteen pounds and I'll be back to my ideal weight. That is depressing that I'm that much over my ideal weight but it is my own fault.

The boys are starting to get more adventurous. They are starting to really give all the new food a try before they won't eat it. I think Ethan really did like tonight's meal but just wouldn't admit it.

Josh doesn't think he has actually lost any weight yet. I'm sure it is going to start falling off him soon.