Saturday, January 26, 2013

It started off better.

Today was so much better than yesterday. We had a relaxing morning. I realized that Ethan is tall enough to get candy out of the candy dish. Today I realized that he has been sneaking candy whenever he wants. I think that might be contributing to his behavior lately. I think the candy is going to be locked up. We are going to keep fresh fruit in his reach and other snack food that isn't just sugar.

Today, Ethan had cirque class. Josh had some things he wanted to do around the house. I took Ethan to class. I had an hour and a half to read. It was bliss. I starting reading a book about the down side of homeschooling. It was a nice to see that I'm not the only one that has struggle staying on task and the days that kids just don't want to do school. Honestly, I couldn't imagine homeschooling the boys through high school. Then again I couldn't imagine ever being a stay at home mom. I'm not going to say that it isn't something that I would never do. I've learned whenever I say I would never do x. Next thing I know that is exactly what I'm doing. Seriously when I first meet Josh I told him, if he is looking for someone to be a stay at home mom than I'm not the girl for you. Look at me now.

Then we had soup. Ethan normally loves soup but tonight the boys started whining and I felt like it was just a continuation of yesterday. I flew off the handle. After dinner Josh let me veg for a little while. Then he tagged me in during bath time. I laid down the law with the boys. Of course, five seconds later Preston threw something at Ethan. Preston had to get out of the bathtub and  go to bed. Ethan then started spelling words on the side of the bathtub with the foam letters we have. Because I felt like he was actually learning and trying to read. I had him take a reading readiness quiz and he aced it. I really think he can read but he likes being read to. I'm starting to wonder if the problem is he is afraid that if he is able to read that we will stop reading to him. We have told him that we would keep reading but I don't think he believes us.

For example, the other day I told the boys we were going to Chick-fil-a to meet the mom's group and they could play in the playground. When I pulled up Ethan told Preston, "Look Preston mom wasn't joking." Really kid? Where did you think we were going? Of course, right afterwards I told them we were going to the library. I stopped at the bank first. Preston informed me that he didn't see the library anywhere. Ugh. Why am I having Preston's speech tested? Do I really want him to talk, more?