Oh what to do??

The boys want to do everything. They are asking to play baseball, soccer, and ice skating. Josh and I are going to have the kids take swimming. Of course there is Cirque class.

I thought that I had a perfect balance where we could fit everything in and nothing would over lap. Then I got an email and my perfect schedule went out the window. First Cirque class changed what evening that class is. That made swimming change. Then Ethan won't be able to take the soccer class that I was looking at. Then I got another email. UGH!! Now baseball is out the window. I'm nervous how Ethan is going to react to the news but I just don't want him to be over schedule and I'm trying to avoid scheduling conflicts.

All of the classes that I'm looking at for Preston seem to be during the day. I guess that is going to me an hour with Ethan do work on school. I don't know how distracting having soccer going on in the background is going to be. Then again I'm going to have Preston's speech evaluated again. His perfect little schedule could be thrown out the window too. I'm going to wait till after the evaluation before I actually sign Preston up for anything.

Not to mention trying to be active in the moms group that I'm a part of. My head is already spinning. Knowing me I'll just stress myself out and miss the deadlines for the sign ups and the kids won't be in anything.