Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ten day wrap up.

Today was a wind down day. Getting our life back. The last ten days, we have been living out of suit cases. It sounds like we have done a lot of traveling. Actually we have just been over at my parent's home. There were a few hours (I would say two days but it wasn't that long) we came home to check the mail and make sure our pipes didn't freeze.

I'm not sure what all happened in the past ten days. I think there were a couple of holidays.

Oh it snowed on Christmas day. Most of the people didn't show up. It was a really low key Christmas day. I think it took us an hour to dig the boys out of their new toys. I know all year I've complained that I wasn't finding the bargains on toys like I have in the past. Some where along the way my closet ended up being jam packed with stuff.

The day after Christmas I started my birthday and Christmas shopping for 2013.

New Years Eve was even more low key than Christmas. My grandmother, my parents, Josh, the boys, and me all went to Red Lobster for dinner. The kids went to bed at their normal time. My grandmother left at 10:00. The rest of us just played card games till midnight. I know the night was so scandalous.