Monday, January 21, 2013

Time to FREAK OUT!

I realized the parent's meeting about skipping Kindergarten is coming up in a couple of months. I'm sure the testing is soon after. Crap we are two months behind in school and I just found a review for the testing they do and I've been focusing on writing, reading, and math. We have been covering science and social studies if we had time. I haven't even bothered with history. Turns out all of that is going to be on the test. UGH. What was I thinking. Of course those subjects are going to be on the test. Now I have to figure out how to get caught up and a head in all of these subjects. Today was the first day that I've been doubling up on lessons. I don't want to go to fast and the kids don't understand what I'm trying to teach them.

Of course the kids were in rear form because they were over tired. They went to bed late the last couple of nights and got up at their normal times. Talk about two cranky boys. Finally I had enough and made the boys take naps. They were out really quick. I knew they were tired I just didn't realize how tired they were. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, then again they were up late again tonight.

Maybe freaking out about this isn't really worth it and Ethan should just enroll in Kindergarten and we just see what happens.