Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well crap!

I guess I need to clarify. Ethan loves his cirque class he just doesn't like that his arms get tired. He is doing amazing during the class. He listens and is trying his hardest. This week he didn't even play around with his "girlfriend".

Today, We didn't have a chance to do school. Okay if I had my act together we could have done a couple of hours worth but I didn't. Then it was time to meet up with the mom's group. Some of the mom's brought their kids others didn't it was a nice blend. We have another meet up tomorrow. At least this one is early and coffee is involved.

When we got home I realized that I needed to drop off the water bill. Where the water bill goes is the same building as the library. We might as well check out some books while we are there.

Once we got home Korri came over. Korri brought over some goodies. She has been working part time at Cinnabon. The location she has been at just closed today. She had been there helping with closing out the store. Ended up with some products they were just going to take to the dumpster. Like a gallon of vanilla and baking sheets. She decided that I would be a great person to pass them on to.