Wow we live exciting lives.

Today Korri came over and picked up her Christmas presents. She was unable to make it to my parent's home on Christmas do to car problems and weather. Then we played Fluxx. I guess I should explain what Fluxx is because it isn't that popular of a card game. Basically, the rules start off as draw one card then you play one card. Sounds simple enough. While you play the rules, and ending goal keep changing.

After dinner, we headed out for an exciting Friday night. Okay it was really lame. We were out of milk, soy milk, and frozen waffles. First we headed to Braums and got shakes and milk. On the way to Braums we saw the lights in Frisco Square are still up. We decided to drive through one last time this season. Then we headed to Aldi for the rest of shopping.

As soon as I'm done blogging Josh and I are going to play a game I've never heard of before.