Monday, February 25, 2013

A new a adventure.

I think all of us has a touch of the cold that Ethan has had. Thank you so much for sharing Ethan. *sigh* Saturday night both kids tried piling in our bed and nobody could get comfortable. Nobody was getting any sleep. Finally about 2:00am we kicked the kids out so we could get some shut eye. Sunday we just laid around the house. Josh got some work done. The rest of us were really useless.

Today, we had a mom's group and a new mom was going to show up. Ethan was bouncing off the walls. Turns out Cherie and her son also caught Ethan's cold. *sigh* They mentioned they weren't 100%, my kids already have the same cold so I don't have an issue it isn't like we are going to get sicker from it. The new mom declined. I would have cancelled too but the kids were too excited. This morning Ethan said, "I totally want to go bowling" Really kid? totally?? Where does he come up with this stuff?

Ethan thought bowling was the greatest thing ever. Preston just wanted to go play in the arcade.When we got back in the van Ethan asked when we are going back to the place with the animals and golf? and Going Bonkers? and the bounce house place? Seriously? You have been sick and we have been running around like crazy people and you want to add more to our schedule? You have to be kidding? Ethan looked at me and assured me that he wasn't kidding and  that he does want to go back to those places.

We really need to return to getting actual school work done. Yes, unlearning is a lot of fun and the kids are learning a lot about but I still feel that actual classroom time is also very valuable. I'm less stressed about how far behind in the curriculum we are; since we decided that Ethan is going to be in Kindergarten next school year. I still think we need to find a balance. I guess that is also going to involve me saying no. It is just so hard when I know that the boys are going to learn so much and have fun.

 Looking at our schedule I'm not sure when we are going to slow down but I'm sure it is going to happen soon.