Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another jammed packed Saturday.

Do I really have to get up? It is Saturday!! I want to sleep in. The kids were ready to go. They wanted to go back to the pajama party. Sorry kids that party is over. *sigh* Now we are going fishing. I dragged my tired bones out of bed. Okay, Josh's threatening to pour a glass of water on my head gentle reminders to wake up might of helped my motivation to finally start moving. Thank goodness Josh had to make a million trips to the car to get it loaded up. Otherwise, I wouldn't have realized how cold and windy it was this morning. I think there was a forty degree changed from yesterday afternoon to this morning.

The Parks and Rec department released over 2,000 trout in a large pond. I figured it would be a great way to introduce the kids to fishing. You would pretty much trip over the fish. What could possibly go wrong?? Now this is my life you are talking about. Of course things were way different than what I had pictured in my head. Because of the drastic drop in temperature and the fact Josh and I didn't have a clue what we were doing the kids didn't get any fish. Than again nobody was getting any fish. There was one family that got a small one. Everyone kept coming over to look at it because they were starting to believe there weren't any fish in the pond. Thank goodness we went with another family that the couple grew up fishing. They were able to help when we had problems like the reel was just spinning and not actually coming back in. Or the lines got tangled and the reel wouldn't turn anymore. Or teaching us how to cast the line. Ethan was actually casting better than I was. Poor Preston just wanted to sit in my lap and curl up in the blanket and eating donuts. I have a feeling if we going fishing again that Preston is going to think Cherie is going to show up with more donuts.

After a couple of hours in the cold the kids wanted to go play in the playground. The only thing they had caught were what Ethan referred to as swamp monsters. Basically it was the weeds from the bottom of the pond. I do have to say there was on really impressive on that was taller than Ethan.

We headed home for lunch and to warm up a little bit before Ethan needed to go to Cirque class. We hoped that Preston would nap while Ethan was in class but that didn't happen. Josh and I needed caffeine and headed to Starbucks. The lady behind the counter asked me several times if I was sure all I needed was one shot of espresso in my drink. Thanks lady I'm sure the bags under my eyes aren't that bad. Okay maybe they are.

Then it was time for a house warming party. I wish that we could have stayed longer but I was afraid the boys were going to tear the place apart just to stay awake. Maybe tomorrow will be restful? I have a feeling it isn't going to be. Sundays never are.