Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can Summer please wait till after Easter???

I've heard people complain about Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year but it doesn't have anything on Summer.

This weekend is the Summer Camp Fair for Dallas/ Fort Worth area. I have a love hate relationship with this fair because I'm always over whelmed with the different types of camps that are offered. We have a lot planned this weekend. I know shocking for this family on the go. I figured I would go ahead and just start to look at the different camps. I can't believe some of them are already sold out!! Are you kidding me???? Crap on a stick!

Then my mom calls and stresses me out about family that is coming down in June. Originally everyone was coming down the same week. Now because of graduation ceremonies they are coming a week apart from each other. Actually they have one night that over laps. Great. I can't believe that feel like the entire summer needs to be planned and it is only February.

Then a package from Amazon arrived! The kids new books arrived. Seriously my kids just don't have enough books. These are actually pretty special ones. They are written by Julia Cook. They teach kids how to deal with different things. The three books I bought were "My Mouth is a Volcano", "Soda Pop Head", and "Scooper". "My Mouth is a Volcano" teaches kids not to interrupt. "Soda Pop" head is about controlling anger. "Scooper" is about teaching kids about being smarter than a kidnapper. It isn't just about stranger danger because sometimes kidnappers can be people they know. The boys loved the books and kept having me read and reread them. Ethan said that he would try not to interrupt anymore. I think these books are a winner.