Monday, February 18, 2013

Doubled booked.

My kids are troupers. Today we have a full schedule. First up was going to preschool at the sci-tech center. Ethan decided when we pulled up that he didn't want to go. Really we are running late and now you are having a tantrum. Just because he has been going hard for the past week and was up late last night. We don't have time for this. Even when we were walking into the building he wasn't happy. Until they did their first science experiment. Then Ethan was glad and stopped whining and started participating. Preston was excited the entire time. It is great they did chemical reactions, learned about smell, and that a heart is a muscle and how it keeps the blood moving in your body.

Then we were off to gymnastics. When we got there I realized that I had forgotten to bring work out clothes for the boys. Oops. The boys were to excited about gymnastics for me to say sorry guys you can't do it because I suck. I sent them in with their jeans and long sleeve shirts on. Thank goodness they haven't been the only ones to show up in jeans. I hope that I don't make this mistake again.