Saturday, February 23, 2013

Game Night!

I was suppose to go to a mom night, but Josh had other plans. One of his coworkers, friend, and game night partner announced he is retiring and moving to Mexico.  Since the announcement Josh has been acting like someone just kicked his puppy dog. Josh wanted to host another game night before the big move. Sorry mom's but my husband needs me. Originally it was suppose to be just Mark, Jen, Kathy, and Bob (the guy retiring). Okay, no stress they have seen my house mess, they know my kids. I made sure the kids had their toys put away and I did some picking up. Then Josh called on his way home tonight and told me that three more people were coming. WHAT???? I went into mad, crazy woman cleaning mode. I got a lot done but didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

The game that Bob choose was incredibly complicated and I'm not sure I ever understood how to play the game. Some how I helped win I think. Sweet. Yep, we won. Apparently it was everyone played together against the board. The game was incredibly long. We started about at 9:00pm and it didn't end till 2:00am. We only played one game during that time.