Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I suck at calendar

This morning I woke up thinking that we had a mom's group meet up at 10:30am. Even contacted the host because her kid is normally in school. I almost had her convinced the meet up was this morning. Sorry. I forgot that I wanted to take the kids to the bounce house place before my Groupon expires. I didn't remember that till we were on the way taking Ethan to Cirque class tonight and Josh asked if a different bounce place was where we had been going.

My mom returned from Chicago today. On her way home she stopped by to see the kids. Between the time she texted me to say she landed. My kids had lunch and Preston had a nap. When Preston woke up he was crying because his ear was hurting. Okay it is time to go to see the doctor. Preston was really clingy when my parents arrived just because he felt so bad.

I don't know why Ethan gets so excited when he goes see the doctor. Turns out Ethan just has a common cold. That is what I figured. Preston on the other hand has an ear infection. He is on antibiotics for the next ten days. I think this is the first time that Preston has ever had an antibiotic actually is the first time we have ever had to fill a prescription for him. Josh, Ethan, and I are all allergic to penicillin. Guess what Preston was prescribed? That is right, penicillin. I'm a little nervous about how Preston's body is going to react.