Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm tired.

I really need to rethink our schedule. Lately I'm lucky if we do a day of formal lessons a week. Today was another unschooling day. I actual feel okay about this one because we meet up with Cherie and her son and listened to story time at the Sci-Tech center. Their story time has really exploded over that last month. It wasn't even a year ago that there were many times that my boys would be the only ones there for story time. Today they had standing room only. After the story and project we hung out for a couple of hours. The employees were nice enough to let us know that about 90 fourth graders were going to show up at noon. We left just as the buses were pulling up.

It is such a shame that we don't get an use of our membership. We are going to be their on Monday for their science preschool program.

I think the boys were a little disappointed that we didn't have lunch with Cherie's son but they are about to spend a LOT of time with him. Last year Josh and I learned that we like going out right after Valentine's day. Cherie and her husband feel the same way. They had dinner reservations for tonight. Their son is spending the night tonight and tomorrow my boys are going to spend the night with them.

The boys seemed to have a lot of fun. Ethan wanted to take his friend room by room and show off his toys. I think their friend was a little over whelmed. Then he saw the monster trucks and life was good. After dinner we watched cars and played with the cars. Till it was time for bed.