Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nothing really.

This morning, I rolled over and Preston popped up at the side of my bed and started talking to me. For a second I had a who, what, when, where moment. Apparently, Preston had been sitting on the floor next to our bed waiting for someone to wake up. Really?? You were up late yesterday and was busy all day how come you are this wake already? Then Ethan comes running in. Great. I guess my hopes for sleep in a little bit today is out the window.

The kids were pertty chill the rest of the morning. While Josh and I were busy cooking they kept themselves entertained without fighting. I was awesome. Then after lunch the kids were back to their hyper selves. My mom and I left to go shopping leaving the men to take care of the kids. We were just going to do a quick run into Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My mom needed to pick up two things. Right when we walked in they had a huge clearance section. I'm excited, because I have a nice start on my Christmas shopping for this year. We got $140 worth of toys for about $50.