Race wrap up.

The day was crazy. I'm not sure where Saturday ended and Sunday began. At 12:30 am Chris and I headed back to the woods to cheer and wait for Josh and Roy to return from the twenty mile lap. Our boys came in at 1:00am. Roy was still looking strong but his running watch and phone had died after 19 hours. It was sweet seeing Chris and Roy take off for the last lap together. It was so sweet that husband and wife wanted to finish the race together.

Josh went back to Chris and Roy's hotel room and tried to sleep on the pull out couch.  I laid down on the couch, Josh took a nap in the shower for a while. All of the springs at the end off the bed were missing. I kept sliding down to the foot of the bed. When Josh finally joined me on the bed it was even worst. Neither one of us got much sleep. Josh decided to sleep in the chair and we put the couch back and I slept on it. I think I got a couple of hours of sleep. Then it was back to the woods. At least now the sun was coming up. It was a lot colder than what I was expecting. I wasn't going to miss Roy finishing his first 100 mile run. While we were waiting we were hearing the stories of the other runners. There was one guy this was the third time to run this 100 mile race but it was the first time he finished. There was a mom there with a four month old, she ran the 50 mile race. While she was running she pumped while she was running. Gee, those times I had to pump or feed in a bathroom stall don't seem so bad after all.

I wasn't sure Josh pacing Roy would make him want to do an ultra marathon or just shove it to the back burner. Josh decided that he does want to do at least the fifty mile run but he wants to do a full Iron Man first. We apparently just don't do normal.

Roy was a beast on his run. He finished his 100 miles in 26 hours and five minutes. He was hoping to finish with in 25 hours and for a while it looked like he was going to finish with in 24 hours.