Thursday, February 28, 2013

The boys are going to sleep good tonight.

This morning we rushed out the door just after Josh left for work. First up I was meeting Cherie to workout and gossip. The kids went to the fun club  to play and do crafts.

Normally they don't want to leave but I had told them that right afterwards we are going to gymnastics class. Apparently, gymnastics wins over fun club. Good to know. The boys couldn't wait to leave today.

We came home long enough to change and for me to start a new load of laundry and then we were back out the door. 

The boys were so excited to be at gymnastics. Preston's teacher told me after class that he was one of the best behave kids she had today. Sweet. Ethan was a different story. His teacher had to have a come to Jesus moment and then he was good.

The kids were starting get tired but oh our day isn't over yet. I'm hosting my first event with my mom's group. Nobody actually signed up, but I figured I would show up just in case. The kids were actually playing and behaving. Josh had plans this evening. Okay Dillard's was having a sale so I sent him to check it out. Then we had a Half Price book coupon that expires today so he needed to use it.

We were going to eat dinner there but Ethan decided while I was in line he needed to run off. Thankfully I was able to keep an eye on him but he knows the rules. As soon as he returned we had to leave. Then the boys started to have a melt down. That means that we aren't going to be going back for awhile.

Overall it was a great day. I'm worn out but I think the kids are even more tired. even though they will never admit it.