Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The never ending playdate.

This morning we had a 10:00 play date on the books. The kids were excited because they were going to see their friend that they said with over the weekend. Seriously, it was a whole two days since they had seen each other. Ethan's best friend and little sister were going too. Plus there was another friend. Okay the mom was more there for mom time then kid play time since her daughter just turned one and doesn't really play with the other kids.

While we were talking Cherie offered to let me borrow a coin scarf for my belly dancing class. Nicole and Ethel were curious about the class. Apparently Ethel used to do Hula classes and is looking to get back. Nicole dance till she became pregnant with her son that is the same age as Ethan. Cherie was able to talk Nicole in trying the class with me tonight. Ethel still wants to do Hula.

We ended up not leaving the play date till 3:00. I felt bad that we over stayed but the kids were having such fun and we were having a great time chatting.

In the evening, the boys thought it was fun that I was going to class. Nichole and I were like why are we going to belly dance? Oh that is right this is suppose to be fun.  I can't believe I forgot how much fun it was just a week ago. I feel silly because my body isn't used to isolating and moving the way you need to. My right side seems to work okay but my left side just doesn't want to move. Not to mention all of the popping my body is doing. One of the other ladies in the class actually commented about how much she is popping. Okay I'm not alone. When did I get old????