We have lost our minds.

Okay, Josh and I lost our minds a few years ago. Some might even argue that we never really had one. That isn't really up for discussion right now.

Today we ventured into a world that makes Josh's marathon's and triathlons look like child's play. Josh was actually ashamed to put on his marathon finisher's shirt. We ventured into the world of ultra-marathons. Josh had one friend run fifty miles in twelve hours. Okay it was twelve hours and four minutes and his friend is ticked about the four minutes. Seriously?? I don't think I could walk for twelve hours let alone travel fifty miles. His friend that did the fifty miles wasn't the reason we ventured in to this strange world. Josh has another friend that is doing 100 miles. Yes folk you did not miss read one hundred miles. Basically they run a twenty mile loop five times. The first three loops they have to do alone but the last forty miles they can have someone pace with them. Josh thought he would like to run twenty miles in the middle of the night. He is currently out in the middle of the woods somewhere running; while I'm in the nice hotel room blogging. Time estimations are that Josh's twenty miles will be over some time between 12:30 and 1:00am. Roy and his wife will still have another twenty miles to go. Roy's hope is to finish within twenty four hours.

Yes, Josh is going to run one lap. It is the hardest lap that I think Josh has ever had. Josh is used to running on pavement and tonight he is running on trails in the woods. It kind of cracks me up that Mr. I hate the outdoors is spending so much time outside lately.