Who has time for school?

Yesterday I was left to my own devices working out. I figured it would be a perfect time to really do some work on the treadmill. I know a couple lot of people that do marathons and love to run. My sister has done a couple of marathons. My husband had done one marathon, a couple of halves, and a sprint triathlon. Not to mention all of his teammates from Team in Training. Apparently, my former coworkers have all seemed to take up running too. If all of these people could do it, surely I can. Today my body told me, running isn't going to be your thing. I'm going to stick to yoga, and water aerobics!

This morning I woke up sore. Just walking around the house was killing me. I wasn't going to let a lot little soreness get me down. The sci-tech center put on Facebook that they didn't have any field trips planned this morning and they were having story time. Sweet. It is right by the library so I can swing by and drop off all of my over do books and videos. I started collecting the books and movies. The kids wanted to watch them one last time before they had to go back. Fine. Force me not to chase you guys around for an hour when I can barely move.

After they were done with the movies, I decided that we needed to read the books that I had picked up about gardening. Also the night before we went to Lowes and bought stuff to start a garden. The boys wanted to go out and start planting. I'm thinking it is still a little to early to start planting but I figured it was perfect to start getting the ground ready.

After a couple hours outside we cleaned up and had lunch. Then the boys went down for a much needed nap. I dreaded waking them up but we had things to do. First we stopped by the library to drop everything off. The boys wouldn't keep their hands to themselves so they didn't get to pick out any new movies or books. Besides we were running late. The boys had a pajama party to get to. Getting my boys to go from one location to the next is like pulling teeth. They just want to stay were they are at. Every once in a while they get excited about going somewhere but not very often. Once we get there they don't want to leave.

The boys were so excited about the pajama party. Especially that the host family had cats and dogs. The could care less about decorating the cookies or playing with their friends it was all about the animals. Till they hid finally the boys started to play with the other kids. I don't know how much long Josh and I can keep putting off getting animals.

The boys had such a great time at the party they didn't want to leave. We finally got home about 9:00pm. I was exhausted. The boys were wired. Thank goodness Josh put the kids to bed for me. Good thing they can sleep in tomorrow morning. Just joking we have a very full day and we have to get up early. Yea! They aren't going to be cranky at all.