Why do I do this??

Today is first Tuesday at the Dallas Museum of Art. I had already turned down my mom's group for lunch. Before I went to bed I noticed that Ethan's best friend's mom said that she was going to be at the lunch. *sigh* Fine I'll ask the boys and let them decide. When I had just said the locations the boys were saying the museum but when I said their friends were going to lunch they wanted to go to the lunch. Okay. I guess I'll take the boys to the museum another day.

I'm actually kind of glad that we aren't going into Dallas today because the weather wasn't that great today. It was foggy and lightly sprinkling. Before we got to lunch I had to meet my friend for our bi-weekly workout. Today's adventure we headed back to the water aerobic class. I think the teacher was a little shocked to see us again. After class a couple of the other ladies were talking to us and said that the Thursday class is actually more intense. Now we are thinking about giving the Thursday class a try. However I have an appointment this week and won't be able to go.

After a quick change it was off to lunch. We ended up eating across the highway from where Josh works. Josh ended up meeting up with us. However he was late. When he finally arrived the kids were driving us nuts about going to the play center. We ran the kids downstairs. However the play center was full and we had to wait a few minutes till they could all go in together.

When got back to the table. Josh was going to jump up and say that he had to go. But one of the mom's received a phone call from her husband while we were down stairs. Josh thought about answering the phone but decided that we haven't reached that point in our friendship. Especially when the was going to say, "Sorry your wife can't come to the phone right now but she is downstairs with the kids but will be right back." Good call Josh, Good call.

We came home and the boys took naps. Then it was off to take Ethan to Cirque class. I'm actually looking forward to being home tomorrow and doing our curriculum.