Thursday, March 7, 2013

A lovely day.

Just joking about slowing down. I would love to slow down but there are so many great opportunities. My boys are so interested in so many different things. Then again it doesn't help when I forget to put things on my calendar and get a friendly text message reminder from a family member. Oh well best laid plans right?

Most of all lately my boys have been cracking me up. Preston doesn't speak much but when he does he has great comic timing. To bad it takes him about ten times of repeating it before we understand what he is saying. Ethan  will do things like bug me for things like the new fish nuggets happy meal at McDonalds. Then won't eat it. Finally he will take a bite and say "Huh, it doesn't taste as bad as it looks." Then just a minute later he announces that maybe they are as bad as they look.