Friday, March 8, 2013

A Relatively Quite Day

Oh my goodness the boys have been so cranky lately. When they were sick I could justify it but there isn't anything wrong and they are still being whinny and cranky. We have been having them go to bed a few minutes earlier each night and making sure they are up a little earlier each morning. Hopefully once the time change happens their bodies will be adjusted.

Today's adventure was we headed to the Sci-tech center. We arrived after story time had already started. The kids said they weren't interested in going to hear the story or doing the project. Okay that is fine. There are a million other things to do. Once story time was over and everyone was walking out Ethan kept trying to go in and was asking about story time. Really??? Five minutes ago wild horse couldn't drag you in there. He was so sweet when he told the teacher that he was sorry he missed story time.

We were suppose to go to another meet up but everyone else had already canceled and the boys were just over the day.