Friday, March 22, 2013

Everyone is cranky!

Yesterday, I felt like I was dying. Once Josh got home from work I went to bed. When the boys went to bed they woke me up. Ugh. Then I realized that I needed food because I've been sick and only had crackers and cookies so far. Then Josh and I needed to get the fliers ready for our HOA. I ended up staying up till after midnight.

Today, I had to be up by 6:00 to make sure Preston was ready to get on the bus when it showed up at 6:55. Apparently I was freaked out that I would over sleep so every thirty minutes or so I would freak out and wake up to look at the clock. When it was time to get up I was already beat.

Preston was excited to be riding a school bus today. He was easy to get out of bed. When it was time we were at the front door waiting. The school bus drove right past our house without stopping. Preston was all sorts of upset. I heard the bus coming back. I took him outside. He thought I was going to but him in the car. He was about to work himself into a fit when the school bus came back. He was so excited when it stopped right in front of him and the door opened.

Ethan came down while we were waiting for the bus but he wasn't really awake and was laying on the couch like a teenager. After Preston left we spent the next few hours have the TV watch us sleep. Then it was time for Preston to come home. When he arrived he latched on to me and was all sorts of upset.
Then he started to tell me how there was a girl that was mean to him. Nobody in class understood him. How boring school was. Wow, what is going on here? Then I tried to get him to tell me how the girl was being mean. Apparently she called Preston a name that Ethan and Preston had made up. Really? How in the world would this girl know that word? Okay Preston are you telling stories? Yes. It isn't normal for Preston to act like this. I'm not sure that something didn't happen, I'm starting to think that he was just really tired. He did wake up almost two hours early. After a nap and some food Preston was back to his normal happy self.

I might have posted a couple of comments and that ended up in a firestorm in my family. Oops. My mom was getting calls from her friends. Really? I personally thought it was funny to poke the bear.

Then this evening was all about going round and round. Sort of. Frisco is talking about installing three roundabouts. It would be one thing if the roundabouts were in different parts of the city. Instead they are all on the same road one right after the other. The original plan was for all of the intersections to be under construction at the same time. The project is suppose to take 24 months. Seriously two years construction?? For a cluster of accidents??? I'm out.

Tonight the city had a roundabout discussion. The past few weeks I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about roundabout. I've been watching all sorts of videos about roundabouts. I don't know what I was expecting but it was what I walked into. It a very informal come and go meeting. They had stations set up and several people to answer any questions you might have. What I came away from the meeting is the initial study was for all three intersections. They are going to only start with one and see how that goes before they even consider the other two intersections. I don't feel that any of my concerns were addressed. I still haven't seen any information about accidents for roundabouts that have the amount of volume the intersections currently have, let alone what the projected volume is going to be. I also feel that the project volume is very low considering all of the residential zoned area that hasn't been built up in that area.