Saturday, March 16, 2013

Frisco Easter hunt

This morning started off like a normal Saturday. Josh had his bike ride. That was the only thing that was normal today.

My parents came over to join us at an Easter egg hunt. We headed to Frisco's egg hunt at the FC Dallas Stadium. We arrived about an hour before the hunt began. The boys wanted to go in different directions. My mom took Ethan, Josh and my dad took Preston. I got inline for the bounce house obstacle course. After awhile mom and Ethan joined me. Ten minutes before the egg hunt Ethan was two kids away from entering. He started freaking out and wanted to get to the field. Once it started, Ethan was going so fast that his eggs kept bouncing out of the basket. Apparently, Preston was doing the same thing on his field. After the egg hunt Ethan ran as fast as he could back to the bounce house line.
Then we meet up with the other mom's from the group. The boys just ran around in circles. Then it was time to go shopping for Easter outfits for the boys. I had already scooped out the stores and I knew what I liked but I needed to get my mom's blessing before I bought them. She thought they were cute, not it was time to get the outfits. We went ahead and had the boys wear the outfits out and went straight to the Easter bunny.

At this point my dad and Josh were over the mall and it was time to go. My dad had a car show he wanted to attend. Josh was over trying to wrangle the boys in public.