It's official!!

Preston is starting school! Yes my three year old is officially enrolled into public school. He is going to start being picked up by a school bus and everything. I was having a problem during the meeting when we were discussing everything. He is only going to class a couple of days a week for less than two hours.

While Josh and I were getting Preston enrolled, my mom was watching the boys. Our original plan was to spend the rest of the day playing. My mom ended up having a play date yesterday and she is going to take a couple of people to the doctors this week. She decided that she might need to make an appearance at work a little bit this week.

I here I was without anything planned. Then I started texting to see if any of the moms were free. Turns out Ethan's best friend and little sister were. I wouldn't tell the boys what we were going to do. They kept trying to guess all the way to the playground. They didn't figure it out till they saw Ms. Nicole. They were excited. Ethan's best friend was at the car door as soon as I got out. He was so cute because, He was saying, "Ethan, Preston give me a hug it has been so long since we've seen each other." Of course my boys were just as dramatic. It was just a moment of uber cuteness. Then Preston had to run over and give his girlfriend a hug too.

One thing that the other kid's mom and I weren't expecting was how COLD it was today. Seriously, it was eighty degrees yesterday. The play date didn't last too long but it was long enough for my boys.