Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break Day 2

I was going to do lessons this morning but by the time the boys finished their online work it was time to run out the door. We were meeting some friends at the movies. I wasn't even sure what movie we were going to see.

Turns out we went to Escape from Planet Earth. I know that I had seen previews for it but not that they stuck with me. I was a little worried if the boys would actually watch or just mess around. Turns out they loved the movie. It was really funny. There was a lot of humor that t he kids didn't get. I was shocked that we almost weren't able to find a set. We ended up being down in front.

Afterwards, all the kids wanted to play with each other. We were letting them run around but decided that we needed to go somewhere. I volunteered our home. Since all we have had was popcorn, I had a feeling that everyone would be hungry sooner than later. On the way I picked up some pizza. I figured a couple hot and ready pizzas from Little Ceaser's would be perfect. Turns out everyone in Frisco had the same idea because they were out and there was a line when we arrived. I'm starting to think I'm ready for everyone else to return to school. I'm not used to dealing with people being out when I am. When I got home the front yard was full of kids waiting for me to arrive. I felt bad that I didn't have a chance to pick up the house. Then again it didn't really matter because toys ended up everywhere.