Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anniversary, and Father's Day!!

Wholly crap we have wrapped up a lot of celebrations into this one weekend. Our anniversary is really June 7th. We had a lot of family in from out of town. Plan A was that everyone was going to go to the rodeo. My parents would take the boys and Josh and I would go to Spa Castle. Well. It is my life and plan A rarely ever happens. This time was part of the rule. All of my family left early for different reasons, basically there were issues back home that needed to be dealt with. So no rodeo and my parents were too tired to watch the kids. *sigh* So Josh brought me home some flowers and that was pretty much our anniversary.

My birthday, is June 11th. We were still worn out from the company and feeling a little broke (thanks to the little critters eating wires and braking our cars). Josh brought home fast food and we looked at each other. That was my birthday.

I was feeling a little down needless to say. We decided that we would wait till after payday to celebrate everything. Which happened to fall on Father's day weekend.

Friday night we went to the Rough Rider's baseball game. Josh had them put my name on the board with all the special announcements wishing me a Happy Birthday. The game was really good. Even though it went into overtime and the Rough Riders lost. Poor Preston after the game said that it was dark which meant it was time for bed. When we got home he told me he was tired and wanted to get in bed.

Saturday, Josh let me sleep in and took the boys to get donuts. Then I let Josh take a nap. And got the boys ready to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house. They were excited because they would get to go swimming. Josh and I were excited because we were finally going to go to Spa Castle.

After we dropped the boys off, Josh and I couldn't decide what to do for dinner. We just headed to Spa Castle. It was just what we needed for our anniversary. We didn't leave till after midnight. Thank goodness the kids were at my parents so Josh and I both got to sleep in.