Friday, June 28, 2013

Making the most of my day.

Because I didn't have to rush the boys in two different directions this morning. We didn't have to wake up early. Okay the boys and Josh got up at the same time but I slept in about thirty minutes.

It was nice not having the pressure to rush out the door. I don't know how I'm going to wake up and get Ethan to school before 8:00 am every day for school. Man, we only have seven weeks of summer left.

Preston was excited that he got to go to camp again today. We arrived a few minutes late and I have no idea what was going on before we arrived. The first forty five minutes the instructor was trying to get the kids to meditate. He put on lullabies and had the kids lay on their back, close their eyes, turned off the light. Um, one of the other parents that came in before I left asked if he was trying to get them to fall asleep. He gave a sheepish grin and nodded yes. The parent said what I was thinking, "Good luck with that."

After about thirty minutes he realized that his "meditation" wasn't going to work. He and his assistant were going to take the kids outside to play with water guns. Crap on a stick, I forgot to bring Preston's change of clothes. A quick trip home and back. I returned just as they were coming back inside. Sweet perfect timing.

Then it was off to get Ethan's haircut. When I arrived the hairdresser looked a little frazzled. Turns out they got a new computer system that morning. Ethan was the first one he had to enter in. Because we were the first customers today we got a five dollar gift card for when we come back. Sweet because Preston is going to need a haircut soon too.

When I say that Ethan got a haircut I really mean he got his head shaved. I think I was more nervous about going that short than Ethan. The stylist didn't completely shave his head but just really short. I love the new cut.