Monday, July 1, 2013

Still recovering or AKA this week is going to suck but be awesome too.

Sunday night the town my parent's live in had a Fourth of July celebration. We made the kids nap so that they could stay up for the fireworks. However they didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home so they were up till almost midnight.

Monday morning we were suppose to meet up with our mom group at a lake beach. The kids weren't feeling it. They were being difficult and not listening. For some reason when the kids aren't listening, I don't think taking them to a body of water where they could drown is a good idea. Finally around noon they finally decided they were ready to go. Um sorry kids we missed the beach. The meltdowns began. Fine it is time for naps. Nope the kids messed around till it was time to get up for Martial arts.

Seriously in the five minutes it took us to get to class Preston finally decided to fall asleep. Are you kidding me?? I'm expecting the boys to be complete disasters today. The instructors let Ethan participate in Preston's class. He was starting to go in and I told him he had to wait. I knew that he couldn't handle doing both classes today. Preston surprised the crap out of me. He was listening and was killing it in class today. He was a little whiny while we were waiting for Ethan but overall much better than I was expecting.
Ethan was excited to watch Preston in his class and couldn't wait for his class to begin. Ethan also surprised the crap out of him too. He really did listen and tried his hardest. They were having the kids grapple and Ethan was doing so well that they had him grapple with the kid with the highest belt in the class. At first Ethan started getting frustrated but then he started kicking butt and was able to hold his own. At the end of class the instructor was getting the tape to give people stripes on their belts, all the kids started messing around. Nobody ended up getting stripes. Ethan was heartbroken that he tried so hard but didn't get a stripe. I told him that it looked like he was about to get one but that he started messing around.

Tonight he was telling me that he loves martial arts so much that it hurts. Finally we found something that he is excited about. Added bonus the parents have to give the kids a stripe. To get the parents stripe they have a list of things they have to accomplish everyday. They are doing chores,keeping their bedrooms cleaned up, and being more respectful to each other.