Saturday Update!

This weekend is so jammed full of stuff that each day is getting it own post!

Preston woke up at I don't even know when and it took I'm guessing about thirty minutes to get him to fall back asleep. Then I was wide awake and had a hard time going back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up in a delightful mood. Josh went and got donuts for us. We let the boys watch some Super Why while we picked up around the house and got ourselves ready for the day. We left the house at 10:00am for some errands and to meet Josh's dad for Bobby's 60th birthday party at 12:30 in Dallas. After lunch we then headed over to Fair Park so that Josh could pick up his registration packet for the White Rock Marathon on Sunday. I couldn't believe how busy the fair grounds were. Traffic and parking was as bad as when the fair is going on. Then I remembered that the Children's Aquarium opening weekend was this weekend. We finally got into the parking lot and found a place were three spot opened up. So we were the first in the line of cars so we got our spot and apparently there was some drama over the other spots because when we were getting out of the vehicle a lady came running up to the car that parked next to us and started scream that they took her spot and to back the car out now. Then the people in the car that was parked started screaming back and getting out of their car. Josh and I were rushing as fast as we could to get the boys out of there because weren't sure how ugly it was going to get. Turns out the situation died down as quickly as it started. Once we got near the buildings we found out that all of the museums are free this weekend. Josh got his packet and of course the t-shirts were at the other end of the automotive building so we had to walk through all of the exhibits that were there. Which was a piece of cake with two strollers. After Josh got his t-shirt he wanted to get some supplies for his run tomorrow. So I tried to get out of the way as much as possible and keep the boys entertained till he was done. That is when it hit me that I'm going to be with the boys alone with only one stroller trying to take the boys to the museums while Josh is running for four hours. We have several single strollers but we don't have a double stroller and the memory of the not so long ago past where I didn't take a stroller to the mall came to me. So I started calling people for other options. I don't really have a full plan nailed down right now so tomorrow is going to be interesting.