Time to slow down after the hoildays.

It is nice to finally feel like I can take a breath. Then I realized that swimming starts back this week. We are also going to sign the boys up for more activities, not to mention story time, and painting too. I guess it is just time to get back in the swing of things.

I let the boys watch a couple of their favorite shows will I prepared the lesson plan for the day. The boys had two breakfast this morning then at 10:15 they were saying they were hungry. I think they both are about to have a growth spurt. Ever since Preston's last doctor visit he has shot up like a little weed. So the problem was the dairy and juice that he was having through out the day. I had a feeling that the milk was an issue but I wasn't closely reading the labels so the was getting dairy in things that I never thought about. When I was cooking I use a lot of milk. All of us are getting a lot less milk then we were and it seems to be helping all of our digestive systems.

Then we did their art project which was making a postman's bag. Then it was nap time. Preston went down like a champ. Ethan did his normal messing around but fell asleep in about 30 minutes. Ethan's tossing and turning woke Preston. Every time I would try to leave the room Preston started screaming. He would lay so that he could see me laying on the floor where I was pretending to sleep. Preston never did fall back asleep. I promised Ethan that if he would take his nap time that he would have a surprise.

The surprise is that I finally was able to blow up the bounce house that we gave the kids on Christmas. Click here for more information about the bounce house. The boys loved it but they only played for almost an hour before Ethan started complaining that he was hungry. We came in for a quick snack then back to bouncing. The boys were upset when I made them go in so that we could get ready to leave to pick up Josh.

After dinner we headed to Color Me Mine. The boys really weren't in the mood to finish making Christmas gifts but we managed to finish up the gifts tonight.