A Toy Story day.

A little over a month ago I won tickets to Toy Story 3 on ice from Dallas Child, you can read about me winning here. This is the first time Josh and I have taken the boys to an event with this many people without other other adults to help out with the boys. Honestly if I was still working I'm not sure today would have gone as smoothly as it did. The boys were great. Preston loved with Mickey would come out on the ice. Ethan was enthralled with the production the entire time. To me the first act was okay but the second act was great.

The boys fell asleep on the way home from the show. Josh and I sat down to relax for a second. and Preston woke up after a few minutes. The after noon was all about playing. While I was getting dinner ready we put Toy Story on. The boys sat down with the gear we got from the show during the morning.