Another quiet day.

Josh is still working on his project. I headed out solo to my parent's home. Once the boys went down for a nap we took little blue to the repair shop. Words can not begin to express how excited that the car is finally getting repaired. I can't believe how long the car has been out of commission you can see the blog post about it breaking down here. I can't believe it broke down back in November. Things were crazy back then and when stuff finally slowed down enough we had gotten used to being a one car family. With the new schedule starting this week it seems that there are starting to be scheduling conflicts.

My grandmother was watching the boys while my parents and I were dropping the car off. While we were gone Ethan got to the toilet in time to go but didn't quite get his underwear off in time and got some on this short. I had forgotten to tell my grandmother where the spare clothes were and all she could find was  the swim bag. When we got home grandma was trying to convince Ethan to put on his bathing suit and Ethan wasn't having any part of it. I had left the diaper bag in my car, I was walking and stumbled. I'm not sure what exactly happened but I'm guessing I sprang my toes (is that even possible?). All I know is I can barely walk and there isn't any bruising.

I was thinking about taking the boys to a splash park but since I can hardly walk, that plan was abandoned and we just went swimming in my parent's backyard.