Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun, relaxing summer day!

Notice:  I on the blog for Tuesday I said Ethan's results that was a miss type. It has been corrected! To clarify Preston is the only one that is in therapy.  

Checked the calendar this morning and it was completely blank! I'm loving our new schedule. I felt adventurous and wanted to do something new with the boys. We headed to a splash park. When we got there I was shocked at how many people were there. People were set up with blankets and folding chairs. I felt very under prepared at this point for playing at the park. I guess I know for the next time we go. Ethan was so excited when we were walking up to the park and couldn't wait to start playing. Preston on the other hand wasn't sure about getting into the water and just wanted to play in the regular park. Eventually the boys both wanted snacks, I was prepared for that. After Preston was done I picked him up and had him "flying" and flew him into the water. I sat him down to figure out what he thought of it. The only thing Preston had to say was again. After that we was all about playing in the water.

Korri stopped by in the afternoon and brought me a birthday gift.

Once we were done with dinner we headed back to the splash park. This time we were armed with a ton of toys! When we first go there, there were only two kids in the water and about a total of four kids in the area. A vast difference from the morning crowd. The boys were so excited to be back at the splash park. While we were playing more and more families started showing up but it still wasn't nearly as crowded as in the morning. We were about to leave and the boys were starting to fuss. Then an ice cream truck pulled up. The boys were excited to go to the ice cream truck. Made the transition to the car very easy.

Josh and I think that we will be seeing more of the splash park this summer.

I'm not to sure about this!

I'm ready for a kicking good time

Still not sure

still not ready

this looks nice and dry

yum food

making sure I'm where it is dry

This is fun

Okay I'll try it!

I'm starting to have fun

Kori's gift to me!

Showing of dance moves

Striking a pose

This is fun

I'm a drowned rat

I'm spider man!

Just hanging around