Soccer and Swimming!

I swear the boys took cranky pills this morning! Ethan didn't want to do anything. He didn't want to leave is room, he didn't want to go potty, he didn't want to eat. Of course he was WHINGING the entire time. Turns out there was a study that was released yesterday that whinging is the most annoying sound you can read the news story here.

Finally I don't know how but we got loaded up and headed to soccer for Preston this morning. When we got to soccer Preston didn't want to participate in several of the games. At least Preston didn't whine he just said no then crossed his arms. I was an awful mom when we got back from soccer, and just put the TV on so I could have just a moment of quite and was able to get lunch together.

Tonight was swimming. Ethan did well except for the time they were praticing jumping in and pulling themselves out. Ethan jumped in and turned in mid air and ended up hitting his face on the side of the pool. He is okay. He was upset but continued on with the rest of the class. Preston did well during his class as well. He loves his teacher. I realized while I was watching him that Preston's face is very expressive. The entire class he was just making different faces. I guess to entertain himself during the other kids turns. It had me cracking up.

On the way home I got pulled over for my registration being out. WHAT?? I took care of the back in February (check out my blog post about that fun) . Then it hit me that was right I was close to the time that I could have renewed it for this year but I didn't have the cash on me. What sucks is I just go the new registration on the car that Josh drives on Friday and now I have to go back again. The silver lining is I didn't get a ticket. Thank goodness.

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