I totally saved the day!

Today we headed to the Frisco Heritage Museum! I've been interested in going to this museum but not really sure how the boys would like it. There was a ticket for an adult and child in the package of free stuff around Frisco from the library's summer reading program. Preston is young enough to get in for free. Since this is the week of fun I figured we could try out somewhere new (and free didn't hurt, too). I swear as I was typing this a flock of birds landed on my back porch and started saying "cheap, cheap." Can't say they are wrong.

When we got there I handed the cashier my ticket, that is when I saw the Treasure Hunt is on again in Frisco. You can read last years adventure here. Last year took several days and I had someone with me to help with the boys. I did receive a free ticket to the Frisco Discovery Center, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to try this year.

We entered into the two story museum. I was a little disappointed about how little there was on the first floor. The only kid friendly thing on the first floor was an old black and white TV that was playing kid shows in the 1960's living room. Then we moved up stairs. There is a movie theater that was rotating between old cartoons, westerns, and silent movies. The exhibit that I was most interested in had a time line about the population growth and important Frisco events. There was a lot of reading and pictures but the boys weren't really interested. The boys liked the train exhibit that it on loan from the Museum of the American Railroad -currently located in Fair Park in Dallas - that is moving to Frisco. The other exhibit the boys loved was about cotton. They had a bag of cotton they were able to manipulate. After about 30 minutes the boys were done with the museum. I think if Josh and I had gone without the kids we could have spent a couple of hours looking around. I think my boys are still a little too young to appreciated this museum.

On the way out I decided to pick up a treasure map. For more information about the hunt click here. The boys were very excited about the idea of a treasure hunt. Our first stop was the Frisco Discovery Center (yes, we were there yesterday). The boys wanted to stay and play but I told them our next stop was the library so they were okay with leaving. I was glad that I had not planned to go to the Discovery Center today because there were two different day cares visiting and it was very crowded.

I was glad the library was on the list of places to get a stamp because I needed to return the books we picked up a couple of weeks ago. The boys wanted to check out some more. We did spend a little time looking at books. Before I realized it we had three stamps and two more were on the other side of the street. We quickly knocked them out. On the way to lunch we had to drive past the Frisco Fire Safety Town where we stopped to get another stamp. I couldn't believe how quickly we have gotten half of the stamps already. Looking at the map there was really only three more locations we needed to stop at. Why not go ahead and finish the treasure hunt.

Then it was off to the Frisco Athletic Center. The boys wanted to stay and swim. However that is my fun activity for tomorrow. I love that they have an indoor water park because I don't think my skin can handle anymore sun this summer.

Back in the car to hit the last two locations. The Dr. Pepper Arena held three stamps. Then the last stop was at Dr. Pepper Ballpark. The boys loved going to the baseball field. The ticket person loved the boys and how excited they were about the treasure hunt.

I can't believe that this year we were able to get all the stamps and in just a few hours compared to the two days it took us last year without getting all the stamps.

Tired and a little past the boys nap time, I called my mom who just flew back into town. When I talked to my mom I found out she had arrived early and was on the way to my home. I guess the boys naps are going to be really late today and shorter than normal.

The boys loved seeing my parents. The kids were great till towards the end of the visit when they just had enough and needed naps. I let the sleep as long as I could but I wanted them to go to sleep at their normal times tonight and they still have swimming.

Apparently the boys just woke up on the wrong side of the bed after naps today. They both were extremely whiny and cranky.

Tonight was the last class in this session. Since the kids are both moving up classes we were able to have the classes back at the same time. It was really annoying that they were 15 minutes off. I don't have any pictures of swimming today because I fail at phone and left it at home.

After swimming Josh asked if I needed some sugar in the form of a cupcake. Okay he wins! Off to Dimples we go. Josh ran in and picked up a few, because the boys just weren't behaving well enough to get a treat. Hopefully tomorrow they will be in a better mood.

Ethan: I've never seen a DVD that big.
ME: That isn't a movie honey. It's a record that plays music.
Ethan: How did that fit in a car?

Yep that is an 8-track player.

Come and get it!

I'm going to make yarn!

Feel the burn!

I have no idea if he was allowed on this but nobody stopped me.

I want to play. Please MOMMY!!

Me: Sure the more the merrier. Good thing we are the only people in here!

Yay! cotton.

Boys: Mom how does this work?
Me: I don't know.
Boys: Why not isn't this what you used when you were a little girl? Me: *sigh* I'm not that old!

Book time!

Preston: Dad buys the best gifts! I can hit people!