Monday, December 26, 2011

A day at Dillards!

This morning started off with us running off to Dillards at Collin Creek Mall in Plano. We were in the store for 2 1/2 hours. At one point Josh and I were guarding the pile and another guy came up to Josh and asked if he was going to have to take out a loan for this stuff. Thank goodness only a 1/3 of the pile was ours. Okay our portion of the pile might have been more than that because we started buying Christmas dishes, because we might have to start hosting Christmas sooner than later. I was annoyed because I could only find five place sittings and three napkins. There were a few other items that we picked up to, but I was wanting to have at least eight place sittings. It was amusing because every few minutes a sales associate would come by and ask if we were ready to check out with them. One said to make sure to check out with her because she could get a flat bed dolly and someone to help us to our car. Another would say they could do something else to help us out. One cashier actually helped us with price checks and getting us more boxes to use, when it was time to check out we headed to her.

After spending an hour with the kindest cashier in the world she got us TWO flat bed dollies and had someone take it to the dock area so we could load up my parent's van. I can't believe in the total retail cost was about $3000 granted we paid much less than that. It was a ton of stuff. When we tried to pile back into the van I was afraid someone was going to have to be left behind. Yes it would be the same van that we used on Black Friday.

Doesn't look like that much from this angle.

That is more like it.
Because Josh and I didn't find all of the plates and napkin my mom decided that we should stop at the Dillards at Firewheel in Garland. After all it is on the why back to her house. All we found there was two napkins. *sigh* and some Christmas platters that don't match our stuff but looks pretty and coordinates well. We returned to my parent's home to unload and get a quick bite. Then it was off to the Dillards at Town East Mall in Mesquite. I was able to pick up the rest of the place sittings and one more napkin and realized that I could use the baking dishes from another set with mine that looks very similar. Still upset over the lack of napkins we headed to the Galleria in Dallas. When we stuck in the traffic at the Galleria I remembered that the Galleria doesn't have a Dillards. Then it was off to Willow Bend Mall in Plano. We found the remaining napkins!! There is a tree that my mom is still looking for so tomorrow she wants to check out another Dillards store. Talk about being in the car all day and not getting anywhere!