Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updated: I survived another cookie weekend!!!

Cookie weekend around my parent's home is an event. This year we actually have a smaller list than in the past. We had taken off three different cookies and somehow the pralines made it back on.

Our "short" list of cookies to make
On Friday night we got there a whole lot later than we had hoped. All of us decided that we were to tried to try to start so we headed to bed and got an early start on Saturday.

We actually got most of the cookies made on Saturday except the fudge, divinity, cookie press cookies, caramel chew squares, and egg nog fudge. At lunch we were down to just the fudge, divinity, and the cookie press cookies. When my grandmother left at 4:30 we only had the cookie press cookies left to do. I don't know what happened next but it was 8:00 and we still weren't done with the cookie press cookies. When we finally got done with the cookies, had all of the plates made that we are giving away, and my parent's home put back together it was after midnight!

Working hard

Having a picnic on the floor because there isn't any room on the table..

Picnics are fun!

Checking on the cookies

Don't mess with Grandma's fudge!!

My dad hard at work!

Josh doing an action shot!

Dad about to jump into the cookie action

Stirring the divinity!

All hands on deck to dip the divinity out!

While we were cleaning up, my mom and I decided to weigh the bag of flour and our bag of sugar. In case you have forgotten about the bag of flour you can see it here. The 50lbs bag of flour is now down to 23lbs. and this weekend we opened the 25lbs bag of sugar and we are down to 17.3lbs. I can't believe we are slightly over half way done with the bag of flour!