My own family doesn't read my post...

Okay it is just my mom that doesn't read my post but she will just look at the pictures. This morning started off with my mom and sister calling about a website they had just discovered. I made a comment about I haven't been to the store for a while. My mom was shocked that Sur La Table was an actual store. *sigh* If you would like to check out my last adventure at Sur La Table. My sister was going to order a couple of Christmas items at 75% off but the cost of shipping was almost more than what she was going to get. I told them that I would stop by and see what they still have in stock at the store. Then I contacted Jen to see if she wanted to check out the sale with me. Of course she was up for the shopping trip.

Today I brought out a couple more of the toys that boys got for Christmas. Today I brought out Ethan's new car. To keep the boys from fighting I also grabbed the motorcycle Preston had gotten for his birthday. I let the boys try to drive in the house but that was a fail. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day. I figured since we were going out side that I would grab the box of balls that we had gotten the boys too. Wouldn't you know after the balls came out the boys didn't hardly acknowledge the riding toys. At one point I to run in the house to grab a tissue and realized that it was lunch time already. I was shocked how quickly the morning passed nice added bonus was how tired the boys were.
This is how I roll!

This is my ride.

Can we make this a two seater?

All ready in the "repair" shop

This is just the loner till my car is "fixed"

Check my b-ball moves

I got it.

Poor vehicles, seriously how can you compete with balls?

Nothing but net!

Picnic time.

After naps it was time to meet up with Jen. Josh and Mark were meeting us at the store once they were able to get out of work. Thank goodness they were pretty much sold out of everything so I didn't break the bank.

After shopping we all headed to dinner. The boys were so well behaved. At one point they did start getting squirmy but they calmed back down.