Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Reality Show??

Last night after I finished blogging, I watched one of my reality TV shows. You know those shows that you never admit to really watching. Then all the sudden there were people I recognized!! A couple of girls from Cirque Fit classes!

Tonight night before class started, I had to ask just to make sure it I wasn't just imagining things. It turns out my eyes didn't deceive me. I was right two members of the Dallas Cirque Troupe preformed during the combine sweet 16 party on Big Rich Texas.

I'm such a junkie for Dallas based reality TV. I'm so excited that Dylan and Kimberly are doing such an amazing job. I can't believe that it was almost two years ago that I meet them while I was rushing in the daycare to pick up Ethan and Preston. I instantly fell in love with the idea of having Ethan learning how to juggle and spin plates. Then almost a year ago Ethan remembered how much he loved Circus class from daycare. Just to see how much success they have had in the past year. I really hope their classes and their cirque troupe continues to grow. Then again I really hope that in September Ethan will get asked to join the kids troupe.

In class today the boys were working on hula hoops and plate spinning. When we came home I harassed Josh that by the end of summer the boys are going to be better at hula hooping then he is. Actually I think Ethna might be better than Josh already. I have never meet someone who couldn't get the hoop around at least a couple of times. I really just need to get video of Josh's inability to hula hoop.