I guess my summer is full

Last year Josh and I checked out a summer camp fair. It was very overwhelming and I don't think I ever did really process any of the information I picked up that day. Ethan ended up not attending any of the camps that we looked at. This is a new year and a new fair.

There were more camps at the fair this year, but it didn't seem so massive. Josh swears that there were more camps represented. We even had the kids with us this year. I was really worried about the kids getting bored. Turns out that they were really excited about the idea of going to camp this summer. The boys let us know what they were interested in. It was funny there were a few booths they dragged us to and we would have to point out the next booth we wanted to check out. Then we would be dragged off again. Once the boys saw the bounce houses it was over. The boys didn't care about camps anymore. Josh took the boys to the bounce house and I was able to talk to the different camps without interruption. What has me really excited is that there are several camps that Ethan and Preston can attend and don't have to be in the same class.

Now I'm trying to figure out what I could do with my day while I have three hours to myself. Then again most of the camps are an hour away. I guess that will only leave me an hour of alone time. I guess driving four hours for one hour of alone time is a little excessive. Then again I have to actually figure out what camp is when and what other activities we already have planned. Seriously?? It is only February and I'm about to have my summer completely planned. I was thinking about having Preston only have one camp and Ethan do one a month. After seeing all the great camps I might have to rethink my master plan for the summer. Then again I haven't really thought about who, where, when and there is traffic. Plus the whole when I actually get around to registering for the camp if it is still available or not. I guess we will see what actually happens.

Note about yesterday's blog. The bug guy has been release from the hospital. The doctor's were able to tell him a lot of what wasn't wrong but couldn't say what is causing the pain.