Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Easter egg hunt and meeting the neighbors

This morning, we headed to an Easter egg hunt near my parent's home. The boys were so excited to wake up at Nana and Papa's house.
My mom talked to the park department yesterday to make sure we went to the right place and what time we needed to arrive. They told her that the festivities start at 9:00 and the hunt would begin at 10:00. Apparently the memo didn't get to Josh about the times because he thought the hunt began at 9:00. When we arrived everything was still being set up. so we had to entertain the kids till the bounce houses were ready. After a few minutes I realized that people were already lining up near the fields. Of course we had to line up too.

I was shocked there were only three different fields. 0-3 years, 4 - 8 years, and 9- 12 years. Seriously the four year olds are in with eight year olds?? yikes.. I was worried that Ethan wouldn't get any eggs. I had my dad go with Ethan to help him be aggressive. I didn't have any worries about Preston on his field so my mom and Josh went with him.

Just before it was time for the egg hunt to start Josh came over to tell me that they were told at Preston's field that only one adult could go on the field per child. Josh and I decided to move to the opposite side of the field from the entrance to get pictures of the hunt.

Papa and Ethan planning out their attack!

Go Ethan!

Ethan's mostly empty basket

Look mom!! I did great!

I did so well I got the grand prize!

Preston helping Papa load his basket into the van.

Ethan wanting to check out Preston's basket

Preston taking his basket everywhere!
When we got home our neighbors were having garage sale. We have lived here for almost two years and haven't actually meet them yet. We figured this was a perfect time. She is a stay-at-home mom of three kids. Her two oldest are in school and her youngest is 18 months.

 Preston missed his box bed and wanted to take a nap in a box today. We found a box that actually fit on top of his bed that he still fit into.
After nap time we put our bounce house up and invited the neighbors over to play. The kids had so much fun playing together. I failed at pictures. After the neighbors had to go home Ethan was upset that his sister had to go. I figured he was talking about the eighteen month old that he was playing with but instead it was the ten year old. The other girl was Preston's baby. Then Preston was upset that his baby was gone. I'm really glad that Preston has someone near his age to play with that is so close. I'm kicking myself for not introducing myself sooner.