Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring cleaning has begun!

I've been busting butt on what I call Mt. Saint Clothes. I ran into a bit of a snag the closets are full!! Mainly the boys closets and the closet in the office. Fortunately most of the clothes are to small and I just need to box them up and store them. Today I pulled out all of the clothes in Preston's and the office closet and organized them buy size. Now I just need to get the clothes out of Ethan's closet and box them up.

After naps I wasn't up for cooking dinner and I felt like the boys needed to get out and run around. We headed over to IKEA. Apparently several parents felt the same way because the play area was packed and there was a forty five minute wait. I took the boys to the kids area to run around while Josh waited in line for the play area. I don't know what I was thinking Preston was tall enough to join Ethan but he is still a couple of inches to short. Tonight made the first outing that I didn't put pull ups on him because he has to be in regular underwear to play. We made it without any accidents so that made me extremely happy.