Friday, March 30, 2012

Started off slow but ended with the boys being hyper

Once again I had big plans for the day, but the boys were still wiped from our walk last night. We spent the morning just laying around and just watching TV. The boys were so tired they didn't even fight! It was crazy. They were calm and lethargic.

After naps they woke up and were extra hyper. Sigh. I knew it was to good to last. I was trying to get suitcases packed because we are going to spend the night at my parent's home. I ended up not getting anything packed till after Josh got home. I was so frazzled that I couldn't even think straight.

I was so relieved when we got to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. My parents meet us there and wanted to run around with the kids. I have decided that my kids aren't the loudest ones on the planet, but all the other ones that are louder were at Chuck E. Cheese tonight. My nerves were shot by the time we left the restaurant. My mom suggested for us to head to Kolh's, while my dad and Josh took the boys home and put them to bed.

Kolh's was having a weekend sale on their kid clothes. The Jumping Bean brand was on sale half off, plus an extra 10%. I had a coupon for another 20% off and I had $10 in Kohl's cash.

Five outfits and four pairs of shorts for $56.64. I was pretty excited about my score.