Ode to Korri!! And a random rant.

Korri you are my friend. You rock!! I don't know why you talk to me but I'm glad you do.

Korri ode to you!

I promise that I am not drunk, but truly thankful for Korri right now. She is doing me an awesome favor tomorrow. My payment to her is dedicating my blog to her tonight.

I just found out that if you miss spell dedicating that spell check gives decapitate as one of the suggested spellings. I don't know why I'm amused by that discovery.

There are times in my life that I realize that I'm not the world's worst parent. I know that I've had my issues with Legoland. At least I've never been asked to leave. There is a local news story about a mom who took her eight year old son to Legoland and because of a tattoo that depicts a naked tinker bell using a light switch as a sex toy. You can see the tattoo and news story beware that the image is front and center you might be careful who is around before clicking the link. 

My favorite part of the article is that she is trying to claim discrimination. Seriously? You can't understand why any parent of a small child would be upset? It isn't because of how you look but what you decided to put on your body. If it was a movie you would be rated "R", if you body was a magazine you would have to be 18 to buy it. Please get off you high horse and deal that you can't just flaunt your body art when ever and where ever.