I'm in LOVE!!

Today I called Korri to see if she wanted to hang out his morning. I have a pile of books that have to be returned to the library today. The library wasn't having story time but I figured the boys could pick out a couple more books then maybe head to the discovery science center.

When we arrived the boys went straight to he computers. Korri watched the boys while I found books for us to check out. The boys were so good at the library. There wasn't anyway to pull the kids off the computer till the time was up. Preston had an accident with less than one minute left of computer time. Seriously?? I didn't have any change of clothes so we had to head home.

The rest of the day was fairly tame. The boys wanted to read the books we had just gotten from the library or run around outside.

After dinner I had a mom's night out with one of the mom's group that I'm test driving. This is the same group that I went to pump it up with the second time and shared a little to much information on my blog. The moms that I meet tonight weren't at pump it up, but they were just as awesome as the moms at pump it up.

I'm completely sold on this mom's group. The last time that I felt like I belonged some where like this was when I worked in Florida. I don't know if it is because most of the moms have moved here from other parts of the country or that most of the moms seem to be around my age. It could be a little of both but I think I'm definitely going to become a full member soon.