There are some days that I feel like I'm Super MOM! This week not so much. I didn't share everything that happened at the water park on Wednesday. Just before the park closed down Ethan wandered back to the wave pool. It was about ten minutes from the last time we saw him and I notified a lifeguard. Then it took about another ten minutes before he was found. I was besides myself. Ethan didn't seem scared at all.

We have had several stranger danger discussions and I've tried to have several "come to Jesus" meetings with Ethan but I don't know if it has done any good.

The past couple of days the boys seem to want to pass the time by bugging each other. Today they were in true form when we went to the splash park. I felt like I had to keep yelling at them. Ethan kept running off where I couldn't see him or he was trying to write on everything with chalk. There was another mom at the splash park with two boys a little older than mine and she was having the same problems. Shocking our boys all got along. We happened to be parked near each other and left at the same time. When we were leaving the other mom told me it was nice to see that she wasn't the only one that was constantly yelling at her kids. *sigh* Things didn't get any better when we got home. I was so thankful that he boys took a slightly longer nap. When they woke, it was insanity thank goodness it was only an hour before Josh came home. .

Honestly I think the biggest problem is that the boys have just been overtired. This week they have missed a couple of naps and stayed up late a couple of nights. Plus they have been getting up early. I guess I can't really blame them for being hyper because if they stop moving they would fall asleep. Next week isn't as over scheduled.