Saturday, July 14, 2012

What happened today???

This morning Josh let me sleep in. Basically, chaos was ensuing and I was just laying in bed not wanting to deal with it. Then Josh came in and asked if I could help. Apparently, he had been trying to make biscuits and gravy for over two hours and only had the meat browned at this point. The biscuits were mixed but were just sitting in the bowl. *sigh* I guess it is time to get up.

I do have to say Josh was determined to finish his breakfast. An hour and a half after I had gotten up he finally was able to have his biscuits and gravy. I think it would have been a lot more productive if he would have just gone to Whataburger and bought some.

Once Josh finally ate we headed out to the movies. I had to keep looking up movie times for Ice Age. We ended up having to go to a different movie theater than normal because we missed the first showing at the ones near us.

Ice Age was a cute kids movie. The kids loved it. Ethan's favorite part was the pirates. Preston's favorite part was he got to stand up and dance during the credits.

Once we got home the kids laid down for naps. Okay Preston was the only one who slept, but Ethan was in his bed being quite so we could get some chores done around the house. Josh build an Ikea dresser. I worked on laundry. Once the boys woke up, I worked with them to get their rooms picked up. Preston was so easy to work with. After he was done, he helped in Ethan's room a little than wanted to help Josh with the dresser. Ethan didn't want to pick up his room. He has several bins to store toys in. We were able to get the empty bins put in their correct places. His blankets, and pillows in his bed. All of his plush toys and books were put away. Then Ethan was done and didn't want to put any of his "building" supplies away. Really the Mr. Potato head glasses can't be put in the butt of Mr. Potato? Because it was part of a project he is working on. What it was under his lion that is on the other side of the room. Needless to say there was some fighting. Oh his teenage years are going to be fun.

 Ethan and I were able to make some progress, just didn't get completely done before we had to head out to see my parents because he had some of their beach stuff. That got left at my house from our trip to the Little Elm beach. My parents are about to head to the beach and needed it back. While we were dropping the stuff off, I was trying to convince my parents to take Ethan with them. No dice. Then again I don't know how well I would handle Ethan not being around. For a couple of hours while he is in school or at a camp isn't a big deal but over night for a couple of days is a different story. I don't think that I'm ready for my baby to be gone that long. Than again he would have been with my parents so I think that would be a million times easier than if he was with anyone else.

I guess I need to back up for a moment. Yesterday I had a crazy idea about having a game night tonight. People had other plans and it really was short notice. Just before the kids woke up from their naps we got a call that game night was on. Okay. Um. I didn't spend the day getting ready because I thought it was off. So we had an hour and half after we saw my parents to get everything pulled together. Needless to say things weren't nearly as cleaned and prepared as I like them to be when we have guest but what can you do. Josh and I were in high gear till people showed up. What was done was done and what wasn't, wasn't. I'm just glad it was Mark, Jen, Bob, and Kathy, because they didn't care.

What had me excited was Jen has discovered Pinterest and LOVES it as much as I do. I think we annoyed the boys talking about our latest pins. Then I started showing Jen different things around the house that I've done or I had Josh do because of the website.